Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's official.

I'm addicted to tea. As in, I will have serious headaches and be unable to think straight if I don't drink it. O.O Well, I'm not stopping NOW, that's for sure.  There is something so therapeutic about drinking a perfect cup of tea. There really is. And I drink one cup, and I can focus again. I had neglected to drink any tea all day yesterday, and I had the most horrible headache, and couldn't focus on anything that involved alert mental abilities. It's just a little alarming! :D



EVEN MORE TEA! (Have I mentioned that I LOVE tea?)

In other news, this is the blog post for pictures, so here are some of my room.

I have the prettiest view out my window now.

I have a window full of Birch trees, and I LOVE Birch trees.

It is snowing again!

the birch trees and Peacock Pond from my window

the bridge

Did I mention I have a FANTASTIC view?

the desk area

Mormegil! (And my desk/window)

the door (which is to the right of the desk)

the drawers and mirror/cabinet

Those books basically represent me, in a nutshell.

my bed (the window is to the right)

my teeny bookshelf (which is on the side of the desk!)

closeup of desk area

probably three of my favorite pictures in the room.

Narwen, drawn by a very good friend

And me :D

This weekend for Beowulf homework, we're translating the fight with Grendel which is completely awesome, and epic, and here is part of my translation.

He came in the dark night,
slinking, the skulker in the shadows,
those who should have held the gabled hall were asleep
all but one. It was known to men
that when God willed it not,
they could not be drawn under shadow by that sin-scather,
but Bewulf, watchful, fierce in anger
bided, enraged, for the result of battle.
Then he came from the moor under the cover of darkness,
Grendel went, he bore God’s ire,
the wicked ravager intended
to ensnare a certain one of man’s kin in the high hall.
He advanced under the sky to those who in the wine-hall,
the gold patterned treasure-hall of men
who were most readily known to the hostile enemy.
That was not the first time that he sought Hro├░gar’s hall.
Never did he in all his life-days, before or after,
find fiercer hall-thanes.

He came then to hall of warriors
to deprive them of joy.
                                The door at once gave way
after he touched the firm band forged with fire;
 he was enraged at the hall mouth,
then intending evil. Soon after the
the enemy treadded on the flagged floor,
he went in, angry of mood; the horrible light
from his eyes stood flame-like.
 He saw in the hall many warriors,
a band of kinsmen asleep together,
a band of young warriors. Then his heart exulted,
the dire demon intended that he should part,
before the day dawned, each one
life from body. Then it came to pass that he was
in expectation of a plentiful meal. Nor was that fate his by any means
the he would be allowed more opportunity
to partake of mankind after that night.
Hygelac’s kinsman readily beheld how the scather of men
desired to act under terror caused by sudden attack.

            The demon did not delay that thought,
but the first time he quickly seized
a sleeping warrior, eagerly slit him open
bit the bone locks, drank a torrent of blood,
he swallowed huge morsels; soon had
entirely consumed from the feet to the hands
of the un-living one.
                                 ~Beowulf lines 702b - 745a

Alright. I'm going to have to go and do lovely amounts of Latin translation... *sigh*

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