Saturday, February 26, 2011

So... originally...

...I was going to post in something of a panic, because this week was going to be insane and crazily stressful. My dear Penny can attest to the mild panic attack that I had Friday afternoon when I realized how much work I had.


24 hours of prayer with Christian Fellowship later, I have completely moved into my single in Clark (I'll try to take pictures tomorrow) AND have done half of my Latin assignment for Monday. AND better yet, I'm not stressed out anymore. I still have insane amounts of work to do tomorrow, but it seems much more manageable now.

The to-do list of doom.

·      Translate lines 305-241 
·      Read Menander’s Dyskolos 
·      Write two-page response focusing on any one character.
·      Work on flash cards for quiz



·      Work on take home exam 
·      Do unfinished problems for Moon hand out 
·      Learn those Astronomers for the in class portion

·      Read Ch. Three to middle of p. 44
·      Play all and any intervals on the piano
·      play any major scale on the piano
·      also practice all of the rhythms on the rhythm handout.  
     Make and STUDY interval flash cards

Plus go shopping for groceries.

It's still a LOT, but I think I'll get through it alright.

In further news, my mom is here, so that's really nice, and comforting (though my desire to do ANYTHING from that list of doom is rather depleted since I just want to spend time with her...)

And this picture just made my day.

In other news...I have no other news beyond NEW ROOM *spaz*


  1. yay for the sensation that all can and will be managed! It will, you know. ;)

  2. @the1pen I think I WILL just be able to manage it. Here it is only 12:30 on Sunday, and I'm already basically done with Anglo-Saxon, and just have to get my Latin translation done and start my Astronomy take-home!