Monday, February 7, 2011


That about sums up how I've been feeling lately, though it has nothing to do with classes or homework.

BUT enough of that. My friend Rachel and I wandered around campus a few days ago and took some pictures of the snow and icicles.

I love our chapel. It is very photogenic.

The poor rhododendron. It doesn't look very happy, does it?

That long one could be used as some sort of spear!! :D

This has to be my favorite.

No idea WHAT this was doing in the snow, but I agree with the sentiments 100%.

This was truly a remarkable fort, complete with a causeway to get to it through the knee-mid thigh high snow.

Part of upper campus

You can't see them, but underneath they've blocked the stairs with cones. Apparently they don't want anyone to get skewered as they walk in to Admissions.

Chase, Peacock Pond and the pine trees.

First you swim in a line, then you stand in one.

Professor Drout said it's supposed to snow again tomorrow... which is not a happy thought... but then, what can one do! I hope very  much it isn't enough to cancel class...I've already done tomorrow's homework! That would be most annoying! BUUUUUUT if it does happen, then I'll catch up on Beowulf (with the syllabus not with the class. XD We're just a tad behind, which is not surprising given the length of class time versus the amount of translating we do on the weekends).

Other than being a little behind the syllabus, Beowulf is fantastic, and I love it. Ok, I wish it didn't take so long to look up words, but I think I am getting a very little bit faster at it, and recognizing more words/forms than before, which is a plus.

Latin is also going fairly well, and it is really remarkable how much easier it is than translating Livy, despite the sometimes confusing Roman sense of humor (mostly shown so far by lots of repetition and slightly odd phrasing in spots). We had our first quiz today, and for the first time in .... a very very looooooong time I felt adequately prepared when I saw what was on the paper. THAT was a relief, and a very pleasant surprise.

Music theory is still fairly easy... except that augmented seconds and I aren't such good friends. I KNOW it's the same as a minor third... but it has to be all annoying and technical and call itself an augmented second. Really? Is that really necessary? At least I still understand everything that's going on.

Ancient Astronomies is still very interesting, though the math defeats me every time, and it's really frustrating. How unfortunate that one of my rather large interests involves so many numbers. It is very saddening.

In other news, I'm hoping to be able to move to a single in a little while, but we'll see how that works out!

Anywhoo, that's about it.
Namiko out.


  1. That was an awesome photo blog!!! I loved the pictures...especially the one that you liked best too and the "i love NY". That made me chuckle. XD

    I think ancient astronomies would be fascinating, but I agree with you on the problem with numbers.

  2. :D Thanks Penny! *hugs*

    And yup! Fascinating... but math is EVIL. EEEEVIIIIIIL I TELL YOU!!!! *despairs*