Friday, February 11, 2011


Finally, a weekend of relaxation as well as work. This week was, all in all, fairly good. Academically, it was witness to the most intensely amusing Beowulf class, the return of my first graded writing assignment for Latin (in English), my first forays into the land of the belters, and my decision to drop Chorale for this semester.

Emotionally, I've been a little drained and on edge, but nothing too horrible, and the fact that my roommate is in Boston for tonight and part of tomorrow helps a little, since I'll have time to just be by myself and reflect and relax.

This evening, my friend Rachel and I are thinking of ordering Chinese food and watching Beauty and the Beast together, and before then, I'm hoping to wash dishes and sweep, etc... before tackling my homework for this weekend. I've got a bit more to do in Latin, since we have a play to read in English, and I have...something horrible like... three hundred lines to do for Anglo-Saxon in hopes of catching up to were we are on the syllabus... but in Astronomy there are only two fairly short readings, and some problems, and in Music Theory, Professor Urban said (and I quote), "Merry Christmas. No homework this weekend!" And there was much rejoicing.

Speaking of much rejoicing, in Beowulf today there were two separate references to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"  that were not only perfectly quoted but also perfectly in line with what was being discussed in class at that moment. It was really so very funny, and should definitely happen more often. The first one was the one where the page says that Camelot is only a model and then they change their minds because, as Arthur says, it is a very silly place, and the second one was the one about the castle that sank into the swamp. All in all, it was highly amusing.

In other news, or lack of news, I will hopefully get some drawing done this weekend as well...