Monday, March 28, 2011

Still sick

Botheration. So yesterday I thought I might, might possibly be getting better. I coughed a bit during the day and had a bad sore throat in the morning, but naively, I assumed I was feeling better. Because... well, I was until half way through Anglo-Saxon this morning. And now I feel all wobbly legged and want to do nothing more than go back to bed. BUT Latin calls, and I already missed a class just last week... so missing again doesn't sound like a good idea. Plus I have to meet with our professor for our assessment, for lack of a better word, meeting, so skipping class sounds like a not-so-great idea. At least the class itself is less than an hour long, and the meeting should only be about fifteen minutes. Then I can come back, collapse, write my Astronomy paper and prepare for my Anglo-Saxon presentation on Wednesday.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous, and has been so since yesterday, which is a very nice change from the cold, the overcast skies and the snow we had before.

A few hours later...

I got back the results from my Latin midterm, and I did really quite well, which is a huge relief. I also found out that I'll be able to get my Natural Science credit from Ancient Astronomy, which is also really nice, because then I'll be done with nearly all of my core requirements, and will be able to focus on my major.

Now I just have to muster up enough energy to finish my Astronomy paper since the power point is FINALLY up, and work on my presentation for Anglo-Saxon on Wednesday (I'm presenting on the Finnsburg fragment and episode, so this should be interesting).

I think I'll take a nap first, then have tea, THEN do work... Sorry for the rather dull post!


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