Monday, March 21, 2011

...seriously? Not funny.

Dear Weather,
I've got two words for you. Spring. Break. Spring. Not winter. Spring.
~A very peeved traveler/college student

I'm on the bus, en rout back to college after spring break... and it's snowing. I kid you not. SNOWING. It would, wouldn't it. Penny, I swear it's a conspiracy. (For those of you very confused, my friend just came back from Canada, where it didn't snow at all, and the minute they arrive back in the States, it snows.) So yes. Ridiculous. And I'm rather hungry, and apparently they heard me because we're turning in for some FOOD. FOOD HUZZZZAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

One stuffed spinach and cheese pizza roll...thing... later, I'm back. That was tasty. 

Yes, I was hungry, why do you ask? Anyhow, we're in Massachusetts, which means three hours TOPS until I'm in my room, and done traveling. Until Easter, at any rate. I hate, absolutely detest the trip up to school and back. I have never made the trip by public transportation and not had it be a hassle. And the sad part is, it really isn't that bad. 

At least campus will be pretty, unless by some other strange twist of fate, Norton completely missed out on this snow...ahh... apparently it's supposed to snow on Wednesday and Thursday too. alright weather. You're strange.

Ok. Done complaining. Let's see. In terms of interesting news, this week, over break I ate fantastic macaroni and cheese with Veronica and Jamie and a little place in the East Village that serves ONLY macaroni and cheese (and it was quite amazing), and sushi and chocolate eclairs with my dad and brother, and my mom made three of my favorite foods while I was home, stuffed cabbage with sour cream and noodles (that'd be my German roots), Japanese Curry (I have come to realize that Japanese food is SO my comfort food), and Chicken Tika. YUM. So tasty. And, of course, there was tea. Lots and lots of it.  I've said it before, and I will say it again. Tea is the best drink ever.  Yes, food is rather on my mind at the moment, even though I'm no longer hungry. Who can blame me. I just watched "Julie and Julia" again.

Speaking of movies, I saw "Avatar" and "Inception" this week, and both were really fantastic. I have to say, for movies of this sort, "The Matrix" completely trumped "Inception", in my opinion. I know people who think "Inception" was loads better, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people disagree with me, but even though I completely enjoyed the movie, and would happily watch it again, it wasn't as entirely satisfying as finishing the Matrix Trilogy was.

"Avatar" was also fantastic, and now, more than ever, I wish I had been able to see it in the theaters. It was amazing as it was on my smallish computer screen, but I can only imagine how great it was in theaters, or even better, in 3D. In terms of story, I know the basic idea has been done to death, but really, it works. So really, what's the problem? And it was done in such a beautiful way in such a beautiful world, that I fail to see why this should be an issue. Ok. I'm done being a movie critic. I stink at it. :D

Hmm... what else... Well, predictably, me being me, I got sick on Thursday, and so am going back to school with a lovely cough. Hopefully I'll be completely better soonish... sooner rather than later... given that I have a voice lesson this week that' I'd rather not miss.

I really didn't do a whole lot that's interesting to read about! AH. Not entirely true. It was Veronica's birthday on Saturday, and her party was lots of fun, involving cheese cake and charades. Which meant lots of laughing and all manner of ridiculous gestures and actions as we tried to get our teams to guess the answers. The category was movies, and some of the really good ones were Northanger Abbey, Prince Caspian (who knew that would be so hard to guess!), Vertigo, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and a few others that I don't actually remember.  It was really wonderful to see my NY people again, I really don't get to see them enough.

Well, I've rather run out of interesting things to say, and certainly have run out of interesting ways to say anything (and I'm an English major who wants to write. PATHETIC.) other than we're almost in Boston! Hooray!

Over and out.

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