Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just one more day...

I really just have to survive tomorrow. But tonight is doing it's darndest to kill me first. I have done nearly a page of Anglo-Saxon, and still should do at the very least another half page. Then have to finish reviewing all the Menaechmi we've translated thus far (acts one and two), and after that instead of collapsing into bed, I need to do some review of grammar stuff. I can probably put off the REALLY quick review of noun/adjective and verb endings for tomorrow between Anglo-Saxon and Latin... but then, as I said. I have to make it through tonight.

Fortunately, due to the big mug of chai at 6:30, and the coffee ice cream at 10, I probably have enough caffeine in my system to keep me up and functioning until I can finally fall into bed... hopefully it won't keep me TOO awake...

Sadly, archery couldn't practice again, but in retrospect, this was probably a very good thing, because it gave me that much more time to work. And Rachel and I took a well deserved break to watch "How to Train Your Dragon" which was totally worth it, and made me feel much better.

In other news, it's raining, and the rain on the pond made a beautiful almost ringing sound. Like fairy bells disturbed by the rain. It's really peaceful out, which is nice, because I'm so stressed...

At least I think I did rather well on my Music Theory exam, so that is a definite plus.

Well, I must return to the land of gift givers and protectors of warriors.
Westu hal!

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