Thursday, June 28, 2012

Land of Fire and Ice pt. 2

Well, first off, Greenland! It was amazing. No green anywhere over which we flew, just sea and ice and mountains and snow. It was all black and white and gold, which was quite beautiful. So stark and forbidding. The light was amazing too, as of course, the sun didn't set until well after midnight, by which time I was fast asleep.

Reykjavik was very nice, and I really wish we had had more time to look around properly and visit museums and such - not to mention I would have loved to visit other parts of the country. Maybe next time!
Hallgrímskirkja from the back (as we approached from our hotel)

A café near by with an excellent name

Halgrímskirkja from the front, sans statue of Leif Eriksson

Statue of Lief Eriksson

Inside Hallgrímskirkja from the back.
 There was a session meeting inside Hallgrímskirkja, so we couldn't go into the main part of the church, but we did go inside the back and get to peek in.

We also walked down to the water and gazed out to sea a bit, or at least, out over a harbour.

Hallgrímskirkja again
 We also went to Hateigskirkja, which was obviously much smaller than Hallgrímskirkja, but very pretty as well.

The name of this street made me smile!

The Saga Museum is the building with a dome
Around Reykjavik there were plenty of trees and gardens, but between Keflavik (where the airport was) and Reykjavik, here was nothing but black ground, and fields of grass, buttercups (or something similar) and lupins. It was almost otherworldly in those parts, and I definitely could picture the sagas playing out against such backdrops.

Anyhow, after we strolled around, we went back to the airport, had lunch, visited a shop or two, bought a few postcards, and got on the plane!

On to England!!

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  1. NAM.....such gorgeous shots! Thanks so much for sharing them! Greenland looked spectacularly beautiful.