Monday, June 25, 2012


I leave for England TOMORROW. It's hard to believe that it is all really happening. I'm currently looking at the contents of my suitcase scattered all over the living-room and trying to find the energy to pack it all, so I'm procrastinating by giving you all the trip itinerary.  (Also, just as a warning, there will be many posts hereafter with an awful  lot of caps lock, so I apologise in advance.

June 26  New York to Iceland!
    11:40 PM Arrive Reykjevik and go to bed

June 27 Walk around Reykjavik, see the National Museum and Hallgrimskirkya.
Fly to London!

Thur June 28 - Mon July 2  Staying with friends in Gerrard’s Cross

Fri June 29       Cambridge Parker library

See old manuscripts!!!!!! (This is me preventing myself from keyboard smashing,  
just so you all know.)

Saturday June 30 See some of the following places:
Westminster, The Sherlock Holmes Museum, the Globe, the London Eye, the Tower of 
London, The Victoria and Albert, the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, etc... 
(not all of them at once, obviously)

Mon July 2 Visit Cambridge, view Anglo-Saxon Chronicle manuscript?! (If I'm very, insanely 


Tues July 3 Start driving west!
Visit Salisbury Cathedral, town

The Uffington White Horse.... (again, queue major freak-out time...)

Wed July 4 See Stonehenge Drive through Wiltshire, find Edington Arrive at Canon Grange, 

Cathedral Green, Somerset 

Thur - Sat Day trips and walks around Wells, Mendhip Hills, Glastonbury!!!! “Athelney”, Bath, 
and of 
course Salisbury Cathedral

Sun. July 8 Drive to Bath, look around, try to get to Cardiff by nightfall (!!!)

Mon July 9 Look around Cardiff - the castle, the Heritage Museum, town, etc...

I'm dragging my poor, unsuspecting mother to Roald Dahl Plass for Torchwood/Doctor 
Who purposes. Yes. I KNOW I'm a geek. Leave me alone to enjoy my geeky-ness. 
Leave for Aberdufi

Tues - Th Drive and hike around Gwynedd!
Borth, the Drowned Hundred, Cader Idris, Llangollyn etc... (If you've read The String on the 
Harp or The Grey King and The Silver on the Tree, you'll know why I want to visit half of 
these places)

Fri July 13 Start drive from Aberdufi

Ludlow? Offa's Dike?

Sat - Mon London day trip?  Oxford day trip! (Again, pardon while I GO FREAK OUT IN A 

Somewhere during the London time, we'll also be seeing Canterbury. Not sure when, but I'M NOT LEAVING ENGLAND WITHOUT SEEING IT. SO THERE.

Yes. There will be lots of flailing, and probably more pictures than you care to see. You have been warned.

If you want a postcard from England/Wales, email/message me your address. I can't PROMISE that you'll get one, but I'll see what I can do!


  1. If there is an ice cream vendor outside of the British Museum, don't buy the ice cream. It's terrible. Otherwise, have fun!!!

    1. haha thanks! I'll keep that in mind.