Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Spring Break Adventures pt. 1

SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! (And has been since Saturday, but hey!)

My good friend Rachel and I are staying on campus over break, and that means we're having to feed ourselves should we wish to eat. We're doing fairly spectacularly, if I do say so myself. We went food shopping on Friday and got ingredients for Chilli and Udon as well as things like yoghurt and berries etc... for breakfast and lunch meat and sandwich stuff for lunch.

We watched "In Bruges" with a few other friends later in the evening, and while I wasn't crazy about it, it certainly was interesting.

Saturday we went to Boston with Anna, and ate Dim sum and walked around Chinatown and walked over to Copley square mall and then walked around the mall. There was a lot of walking. And a lot of eating. I bought rice crackers with nori, and regular old rice crackers (which I had been CRAVING like CRAZY, so they were a need... :) I also bought a box of strawberry Pocky. I was feeling nostalgic for my childhood in an Asian market. What can I say!

As you can see, the Pocky didn't last very long...
On our way back from Boston, we stopped at Roche Bros to pick up a few more groceries... and a couple of bottles of wine. One white for cooking, and one Merlot... for enjoying. We're also having steak later, so we figured hey... why not! Oh the joys of being 21.

Needless to say, we felt ridiculously grown up the whole way back to school, and felt so accomplished once we sat down to our dinner of Udon and glasses of white wine. The Udon was excellent, comprised of tofu, spinach (the best part, in my opinion), carrots, and red peppers which had been stirred in sesame seeds. Oh. There was broth and Udon noodles too.

Sunday was rather lazy, what with the evil time change and with the plan of sleeping in on top of that. But I read part of Suzanne Keen's book Narrative Form, which is for my 290 paper on Pride and Prejudice and Narratology, took extensive notes, and started an outline for said paper. Lunch was a delicious, but simple meal, we ate sandwiches. Mine was turkey, salami and provolone on peasant bread. It was delicious. But I have no picture. It was just a sandwich.

Here's part of my reading for over break...

At about four, we met a friend of ours who is also staying on campus for break, and threw a Frisbee and ran around the Dimple for a while. Then it was off to CVS and back to cook chilli. It was delicious. And there is no picture. We ate it with guacamole and cheese and sour cream and it was fantastic. And there's at LEAST one more meal to be got out of it! After we washed up, I headed back to my room and watched an hour of the BBC Pride and Prejudice, and then crawled into bed. It was lovely.

This morning I had the luxury of sleeping through BOTH my alarm clocks and getting up at 9:30. This was breakfast.
Raspberries, grapes, cherios and Greek yoghurt. YUM!

There was also tea, of course.

But now I have to go be productive so that I can watch "King Arthur" this afternoon for History of England, and write a paper on it. Then maybe I'll start reading The Hunger Games...

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  1. Yayyayay! A new post, always love hearing about what you are doing. I really want to read The Hunger Games when I get a chance, but you know how school is.