Sunday, January 22, 2012

Classes this semester

I have quite a full schedule this semester. I'm taking five and a half courses which are as follows.
  1. English 207: Medieval Literature: Beowulf and Others
  2. Latin 326: Eros and Erato: Love Poetry
  3. History 298: History of England
  4. English 290: Approaches to Literature 
  5. Comp 131: Computing for Poets
  6. Old Norse
In addition, I will be continuing World Music Ensemble and Chorale as well as continuing to lead the Archery Club. Do I have enough on my plate? Nope. Apparently not. :) I'm also taking a slightly more active role in the Christian Fellowship at Wheaton. Am I crazy? Probably. Am I really looking forward to it all? Definitely. 

I am most looking forward to Medieval Lit. and History of England. I'm deathly afraid of Latin, because I'm not great at it, and it's at the 300 level. Up till this point, I've been scraping by in the 200s. I may just die this semester. Sooo we shall see how I fair this semester... 

I'm heading back tomorrow. 

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