Friday, May 6, 2011

just one more day....

and then finals week... one more day... and... oh dear... The question is will I survive?

I have WAY too many lines of Anglo-Saxon to finish between now and tomorrow morning. I DO want to finish the poem... but am highly skeptical of my actual ability to do so before then. I might be able to manage it between now (10 PM) and 2 AM... since I already finished my Latin... My wrist hurts from all the writing!

Second question. HOW AM I ALMOST A JUNIOR ALREADY? Where did my first two years of college go? And more importantly, how will I SURVIVE next semester?

Ankle update

I'M DONE. I just need to make it though finals!!
I'm not going to do anything this afternoon but sleep, watch Dr. Who and ... well... ok... maybe work on my paper. The weather is gorgeous too.

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