Thursday, January 27, 2011

The boring day which should have been the second day of school...

Well, at least it had the good grace to snow enough to make the snow day worth it. Marginally worth it. There is one consolation though. I get to spend the whole day lounging around and translating the first 52 lines of Beowulf. (Once I work up enough energy to leave my dorm and go to the library, that is.)  On a more cheerful note, my Astronomy professor sent a bunch of reading to do since we can't meet, and he has yet to assign books, and I am even more certain that this class is going to be FUN.

In the mean time, I'm drinking a cup of tea (yum) and listening to my Nordic Roots CDs, which seems very appropriate with the weather as it is outside the window.

Ah well. I expect I will be wishing for sunglasses on this planned expedition to the library, especially as I've lingered so long this morning that the sun is completely up and out of any clouds....

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